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Worship at Oakhaven


A typical Sunday service at Oakhaven will include singing of hymns, teaching and preaching, prayer time, communion and an offering. The style of these assemblies is geared toward making the various components of the worship connect with daily living. The music consists of congregational acappella singing. The songs will range from old classic hymns to more contemporary songs. The goal is to reaffirm the familiar and yet extend the worship experience to reach the diverse needs of our congregation.

The sermon time is designed to encourage, to enlighten and inspire the church to walk closer with God in daily life. Sermons are foundationally biblical and yet geared to relevancy and contemporary issues.

Collective worship on Sunday morning is seen to be a continuation of the believer’s daily walk with God.   Worship is seen to be a process of life and a daily experience. Oakhaven services are simple and uncluttered with words and phrases which are foreign to everyday living. The liturgy is plain spoken and designed to connect with people where they are. There are few icons and furnishings to externally direct the worshipper to God. The emphasis is clearly on the internal and requires the worshipper to be a participant as opposed to an observer in the worship experience.

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